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Q: What does play for winner mean on nba 2k15?
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How do trades drafts etc work on nba 2k15?

For an in-depth guide on hoe to do trades on NBA 2k15 check out

When does NBA 2k15?

June 2011

What does 'DNP' mean in the NBA?

In the NBA, DNP stands for Did Not Play.

How come my NBA 2k15 is different from all the other ones on YouTube mine was regular you make your guy go to the rookie showcase get drafted on YouTube all of theres are different how come?

The PC and YouTube versions of the game are different from the gaming console ones. Similarly, the NBA 2K15 apps are also different in design and player features.

Who is the winner in NBA?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Who was the winner of last seasons NBA playoff?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

Does NBA have plays?

If you mean NBA teams then yeah, each team has a set of plays according to their style of play and personnel (players)

Who is the winner of the NBA 2010 Rookie of the Year?

Tyreke Evans

What determines the number of back to back games each nba team plays?

Yes a ll teams will have to play the same number of games each year to get a winner.

Who was the first white man to win the NBA MVP award?

That would be Bob Pettit, the first winner of the NBA MVP award.

What sport do the Los Angeles Lakers play?

If you mean "are they still in the playoffs," the answer is no. If you mean "are they still a franchise," then yes

1995-1996 NBA winner?

bulls won, jazz runner up