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I would assume it means that its not a sudden death overtime period. unlike hockey which is. During an ot in hockey the game is over when the first goal is scored. I'm assuming soccer plays the full 2 15 minute periods.


Under IFAB rules, where a game cannot end in a draw (elimination tournament, etc), at the end of regulation play, a tied game continues for 30 minutes of "extra time" (played in two 15-minute periods). A game tied at the end of extra time then goes into a "penalty shootout" where teams take turns taking heads-up shots on goal. If the game is still tied at the end of 5-shots each, it then goes into sudden death and the next point wins.

Some people object to penalty shootouts, preferring that games be decided in "real" play. In the late 1990's-early 2000's, IFAB experimented with several alternatives to penalty shootouts, including "golden goal" (first goal scored in extra time wins the game - a.k.a. "sudden death") and "silver goal" (lead score at the end of the first extended period wins).

These experiments were abandoned, and today IFAB continues with the "standard time/extra time/penalty shootout" model.

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Q: What does no golden goal in fifa soccer mean?
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