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Q: What does it mean when your crush hits you with a ball in purpose?
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What does it mean when a batter hits a ball and that ball hits second base?

fair ball

What does it mean if a guy and his friends keep anoying you on purpose?

It obviusly mean one of them or perhaps both has a crush on you!Godd luck. !

What does it mean when your crush kicks a ball to hit you?

He/She either really likes you or doesn't feel a thing the way ou feel.

What does Grounder mean in Baseball Stats?

It is a ball that the batter hits on the ground. Contrary to a fly ball that is hit in the air.

What does a tattoo of a eight ball on your wrist mean?

Luck, Chance, Hope, Gambling, Predicting the future? Think about the purpose of an 8 ball...

Is a ball that hits only the backboard considered an air ball?

no, and I'm guessing you mean basketball rules and regulations ahah.

What does it mean when a guy falls onto your lap on purpose but he acts like it is an accident?

When a guy falls on your lap on purpose, he is most likely trying to get your attention. He may even have a crush on you.

What does it mean when a boy hits you with the ball on your booty?

He wants you to move out of the way or he is just flirting.

What does runs batted in mean in baseball?

It means when someone hits the ball and someone scores

What does avg mean in baseball?

it means average of how many times the batter hits the ball

What does full roller mean in bowling?

when someone releases the ball, on purpose, with no rotation or "hook". In reactive balls(made to hook) the coverstock and core "hook" the ball

What does it mean when my crush says he wants to 69 me were 12?

What does it mean when my crush keeps checking me out?