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When a player is offside it means that they are past the last defender* when the ball is kicked. So for example if we have to teams, blue and red, the blue defenders are all standing in a line, but a red attacker is standing behind them( close to the blue teams goals) and a red teammate kicks the ball to the red attacker. If the red attacker is behind the last blue defender than they are offside if they are standing in front of the last blue defender when the ball is kicked they are onside. It's hard to explain without a diagram. Offsides were created to stop players from just standing near the oppositions goal and waiting for the ball to be lobbed over to them (also known as cherry picking). Offsides are one of the most controversial elements in football as they are easy to get wrong and may result in goals. If a player is offside the opposition gets a free kick from where the player was called offside. Hope this made a little bit more sense. *the goalkeeper is actually the last defender so technically it is the second last defender

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Q: What does it mean if you say a player is off sides in soccer?
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In soccer what is the name of the kick you use when changing sides of the field?

Its simply called a kick-off.

Can a player send off another player in a soccer game?

Yes! The Captain can send off a player from his own side if he deems him uinfit for play.

If a soccer player is sent off does the team have only ten players on the field?


Term of off-side in hockey?

When a player is off sides, it means the player has crossed the opposing blue line before the puck has.

Can the person who takes the kick off in soccer kick the ball before another player touches?

The player who kicks off cannot touch the ball again until another player touches it.

What is the cut off date u12 schoolboys soccer?

This would depend on the league the player plays in.

If a player is kicked out of a soccer game what color card does he receive?

A send off should be signaled by showing a red card to the player.

Can a player get sent off at the end of a football match?

Football as in soccer: Yes Football as in the american sport: No

Can foul language get you kicked out of soccer?

Foul, abusive, or threatening language is an automatic send off (red card). If it is a player, then that player may not be replaced.

If a player in soccer is doing a throw-in and foot is half on line and half on field is that legal?

illegal. player must be completely off the playing field.

What is a club linesman in soccer?

The job of a linesman in soccer is to signal with the help of a flag for off sides , corner kicks and also assist the referee in spotting fouls which the referee failed to see . He has to run up and down the side of the pitch to do this.

Definition of 12th player in soccer award?

Best player coming off the bench. The player maintains the quality of play or provides an energy boost for improved performance by others on the field.