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Honorable mention means that you were not first team second team or third team in your respective sport, and you were the best of what is left in terms of players. Lets say your talking about honorable mention in terms of your conference in high school volleyball. If you are not on the first team all conference or the second team all conference you are going to be honorable mention if your play during the season has made you become an honorable mention. Honorable mention is never a bad thing either.

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Q: What does honorable mention all conference mean?
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What's the difference between All-Conference and Honorable Mention?

all conference means ur tops in da ur league and ur conference but honorable mention iz da guys and girl who almost made it and had a great years but other people were slighty better than them---but obviously all_conference is what most people try to aim for and its betta but honorable mention is not so bad either

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All conference teams are composed of all the best players at each posistion throughout the conference. Just like an all star team.

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all of this is wrong, this is false

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