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all of this is wrong, this is false

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Q: What does it mean to be all conference in high school wrestling?
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What does an all conference award mean in high school football?

You were selected by the coaches in the conference as one of the best players on your team, and at your position.

Do high school wrestlers become WWE wrestlers?

no High school wrestling is amateur wrestling and WWE is professional wrestling. Sure, many professional wrestlers have amateur background but being an amateur wrestler doesn't automatically mean you'll be capable to be a professional as amateur wrestling is competition kind of thing and professional is acting.

What does it mean to be all conference in high school softball?

Every high school is put into a conference that they play in through out the season, for example i went to canton high school and we played in the WLAA conference. At the end of the regular season (the games played before playoffs begin) all the head coaches of the schools in your conference get together and pick the best players from every school and form an "all conference team"

What does it mean to be 2nd team all conference winner?

A second team all-conference winner is usually given in high school athletics. The voting coaches felt the person was not quite strong enough to be on the first team, but still did an outstanding job and needs to be recognized.

What does high school sweety mean?

high school crush or lover

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If you mean high school, she graduated from Checotah High School in Checotah, Oklahoma

What does HS mean on a football roster?

doesn't it mean High School?

What is the motto of Oxnard High School?

Oxnard High School's motto is 'Keep the Sting Mean!'.

Is sharpay mean in high school musical?

In High School Musical Sharpay is very mean to Gabriella but in the end Sharpay is really nice to everyone. In every high school musical she is nice in the end.

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California High School Proficiency Exam (Diploma Equivalent to your High School Diploma)

What does au lycee mean in English?

"Au lycee" means "at the high school" in English.