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That the league is recognized by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress), formerly ABC (American Bowling Congress) as a league. The USBC is the sanctioning body in the US. It means that they are the ones that set the rules and make sure they are followed.

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A sanctioned league is one recognized by the local affiliate of the ABC with all participating league bowlers in good standing and the league must follow all sanctioning rules.

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There are nationally recognized awards available from the USBC when a league and bowler is certified.

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A league for prisoners

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Q: What does a sanctioned soccer league mean?
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Can you get a 300 ring in a non sanctioned league?

Only games bowled under a sanctioned league may receive recognition by the sanctioning organization that the league sanctioned with. For example, if the league is based in the US and did not sanction in USBC then scores will not be recognized for any USBC awards, including the 300 ring. Even if bowlers who are members of a non-sanctioned league bowl a 300, they can not qualify for any USBC awards if the league did not sanction.

Is there a foul in a non-sanctioned bowling league?

Sort of. You can have a current sanction card from one league and bowl in another, non-sanctioned league. Your scores in the non-sanctioned league will not be recognized by the USBC, and you will not be eligible for any awards. However, bowling in the non-sanctioned league will not invalidate your USBC sanction, and you will be eligible for any awards earned in a sanctioned league.

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