What does a quarterback do?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A quarterback plays American football. A football team has various parts - offense, defense, and special teams. A quarterback runs the offense, which means the quarterback's team has the ball.

To start a play, the offensive team must snap the ball, which means the player called the center gives the ball to the quarterback. The quarterback starts each snap by calling a series of numbers or words, and there is one special word, like "hike," which tells the center to snap the ball and the players to start playing.

After the snap, the quarteback usually does one of three things:

1. Hand the ball, called a hand-off, to running back, who tries to run to end zone of the field to score a touchdown, worth 6 points.

2. throw the ball, called a pass, to a receiver, who tries to run to end zone of the field to score a touchdown, worth 6 points.

3. run to end zone of the field to score a touchdown, worth 6 points.

If you want to see what a quarterback does, you can watch college games on Saturday afternoons and professional games on Sunday afternoons from September to December.

The quarterback is a very important part of the team - he is like an Army general who controls what the people on his team do. The team's coach directs the quarterback, but when the players are on the field, the quarterback is the leader of the team.

In order to score points, the offense has "plays," which tell the players what to do and where to go. Before each snap, the quarterback tells his players what the play is, and then the quarterback and his players try to make the play happen. The other team, which has a defense, tries to stop the quarterback and his players from doing the play and scoring points.

Usually the coach tells the quarterback what play to use. Some quarterbacks are allowed to pick all of the plays. Sometimes the coach tells the quarterback which play to use, but when the quarterback gets ready for the snap, he sees a better play and changes the play - this is called an audible.

American football is played from September to December - college teams play special games called Bowl games in December and January, and professional teams have playoffs in January and the beginning of February.

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In the NFL the center and quarterback are one of many positional relationships on the field of play. The Center in the NFL gives or 'snaps' the ball to the quarterback. He does this by either throwing it between his legs or handing to the Quarterback between his legs. Another job of the center is to protect the Quarterback from being tackled or 'sacked' by a defensive player and to create running lanes for the player running the ball by moving or 'blocking' a/some defensive player/s. It is the Quarterbacks job to receive the ball from the center then either throw the ball to a receiver, hand it/ pitch the ball to a runner or keep it himself and run the ball. Also in special situations when time is elapsing in the final moments of the game to waste time in an effort to preserve the lead, a quarterback will receive the ball from the center snap and kneel with the ball to use the game clock and the play clock to run out of time.

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Q: What does a quarterback do?
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