What day is supper bowl Sunday?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Sunday, February 2th, 2014 at Metlife statium

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Hi, yes it is will be sunday.

You can watch this game here:

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Q: What day is supper bowl Sunday?
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On which day does the average American drink more alcohol July 4th or Super Bowl Sunday?

super bowl Sunday!

Was Palm Sunday before the last supper?

Yes it was. It is the Sunday before Easter Sunday, so it is the Sunday before Holy Thursday, which is when the last supper was.

When did Sunday Super Bowl day?

Every Super Bowl since the first one on January 15, 1967 has been played on a Sunday.

What day is the super bowl 2012?

Sunday, February 5th.

What day of the week is the Super Bowl played on?

It is always played on a Sunday.

What Day is Super Bowl game?

Sunday Feburaury 3rd 2008

Why is super bowl Sunday celebrated by Americans?

Because it is the biggest day in football.

What day is the Super Bowl XL in 2010?

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

On what day of the week is the 2010 Super Bowl?

The 2010 Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, February 7, 2010, in Miami.

What food do Americans consume 8 million lbs of on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for parties and eating-- chicken wings, chips, beer. However, Americans consume an amazing 8 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday.

On what day was jesus arrested?

Jesus was arrested on Thursday after the Last Supper Pasover meal. This day is entitled Maundy Thursday. The Thursday before the Sunday which is Resurrection Day, the day He arose.

What is the day that most pizzas are ordered?

Super Bowl Sunday..As for days of the week, saturday.