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John Elway was the Quarterback for the Denver Broncos when they won the Super Bowl XXXlll, he was also the MVP for the game.

The score was 34-19 Broncos.

He became the oldest player ever to be named the Super Bowl MVP.

He completed 18 of 29 passes for a total of 336 yards, with one touchdown and one interception, plus scored a 3-yard rushing touchdown.

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The Baltimore Colts drafted Elway #1 in 1983. Elway immediately stated he would not play for the Colts and would, instead, pursue a career in Baseball having spent the summer of 1982 playing for the Oneonta Yankees of the New York-Penn League, an A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

The Colts traded Elway to the Denver Broncos for offensive tackle Chris Hinton, quarterback Mark Herrmann, and a first round choice in the 1984 NFL draft.

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John Elway's career spanned 2 seasons (1983-1998), with the Boltimore colts and 14 seasons with the Denver Broncos.

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Denver Broncos

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Q: What college did John Elway play for?
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Did John Elway ever play for the Montana Grizzlies?

No. Elway played his college ball at Stanford.

What other sport did John Elway play while in college?


What other sport did John Elway play in college?

Baseball, yo..

Did John Elway ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he did not. John Elway played his entire career for the Denver Broncos.

Who did john elway play for other then the broncos?


What team john elway play in his last Super Bowl?

John Elway played with the Denver Broncos to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

How many years did John Elway play for the Eagles?


What position did john elway play in baseball?

Right Field

Did John Elway play for anyother nfl team?

John Elway was first drafted by the Baltimore colts then went to the Denver broncos for the rest of his career

Oldest nfl quarterback to play in playoff game?

John Elway

Was John Elway a left handed batter?

Yes, he was. John Elway played both football and baseball in college. He was also selected by the Kansas City Royals in the 1979 MLB Draft.

Who is Colorado's state hero?

John Elway.