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The stroke can be taken as either a push, a flick or a scoop.

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Q: What classification of skill is a penalty stroke in hockey?
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What type of skill is butterfly stroke complex or simple?

its complex there are alot of things you need to do in order to master this stroke!

What sport would you need the skill of agility in?

Soccer, Hockey, Tennis

What is Example of closed skill and open skill related?

An open skill is being able to adapt your movement to the purpose of a situation in a sport such as hockey or rugby, where your environment is constantly changing.

What is an example of an open skill?

An open skill is being able to adapt your movement to the purpose of a situation in a sport such as hockey or rugby, where your environment is constantly changing.

How many shifts do a hockey player get during a game?

It depends on the player's skill level or role on the team.

What is the main skill involved in playing hockey?

While every skill is just as important as any other, the one that should be aimed for at all times is teamwork; nothing else works without it.

Why is classification an important life skill?

Classification is important because it helps us make sense of the world by organizing information into categories based on common characteristics. This skill allows us to optimize decision-making, problem-solving, and communication by identifying patterns and relationships between different entities. Additionally, classification improves our ability to remember and retrieve information efficiently.

Do bobby orr's boy's play hockey?

Bobby Orr's sons have played hockey. I don't know if they still do but obviously they never had the skill or desire of their father to play at any high level.

Carol is creating 4 piles of Lego each is blue red yellow or green What skill is she developing?


What are all of the pures in runescape?

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Which involes more skill boys or girls hockey?

girls,because they cant check so they have to move and stick handle more!

What is stroke in hockey?

A penalty stroke is a penalty awarded for a range of offences:Any deliberate foul on a player with possession of, or an opportunity to play, the ball inside the circle;Any offence by a defender which prevents the probablescoring of a goal;Defenders consistently crossing the backline or centreline before the ball has been played during a penalty corner (usually called "breaking")It involves a single shot (the stroke) by an attacker from a spot around six and a half metres from the centre of the goal, with only one defender to try and stop the shot. Because of the distance involved, it is intended that a stroke should be converted almost every time; however, because of the stress associated with one and the skill of some keepers, they are actually stopped or missed fairly often - some leagues have conversion rates of only 50%, with many others not a lot higher. As such, a keeper who can stop one is often a morale booster for the team, and a player who scores is typically a cause for celebration.A series of five penalty strokes is also used to determine a winner in the case of some ties/draws.