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Q: What cheerleading teams are in Detroit Michigan?
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What sports teams play in Michigan?

The Detroit, Michigan area is home to teams in all four major professional sports: Baseball -- Detroit Tigers Football -- Detroit Lions Hockey -- Detroit Red Wings Basketball -- Detroit Pistons

What is Bethany hill favorite sports teams?

michigan state and detroit tigers

Where was the first parade for a sports team held?

it was in Detroit Michigan because they have the best sport teams in the U.S.A.

What teams does the Detroit Free Press Sports section cover?

The Detroit Free Press is a newspaper published in the Detroit, Michigan area. Their sports section covers both professional and college sports. They cover the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons for professional teams and the Wolverines and Spartans for college teams.

Are there any professional teams for cheerleading?

There are professional cheerleading teams in the NFL (like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). However, many of these teams are actually dance teams that take the "cheerleader" title.

Where did Diana Ross grow up?

she was born in Detroit ,Michigan

Which country is best at cheerleading?

This is a opinion question, but the Cheerleading Worlds showcase teams from around the country, the USA teams get 1st place

Will it be a boy on the cheerleading squad?

There are only boys on cheerleading teams to spot for you.(help you in the air)

Why shouold elementary schools have cheerleading teams?

They shouldn't because cheerleading is very dangerous.

How many cheerleading team are in the US?

they are like 1.5 milloin teams in the us isn't that alot i mean i didint even now that they had that much Cheerleading teams

What is the distance between Detroit and Michigan?

Detroit is a city in Michigan.

What is Detroit's state?

Detroit is a city in the state of Michigan.