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it was in Detroit Michigan because they have the best sport teams in the U.S.A.

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Q: Where was the first parade for a sports team held?
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First pro sports team in new york?

The first pro sports team in NY were the Yankees

What were first team sports at the Commonwealth Games?

The first-ever Team Sports at the Commonwealth Games were Rowing, Athletics and Swimming

Who were the First sports team to be called united?

Sheffield United were the first team to be called "united"

What was the first college sports team in American history?


What was the first pro sports team in Seattle?

the seattle metropolitans

What basketball team was the first major league sports team to be named for an insect?

The Charlotte hornets

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What team won the first world cup which year and which and which country was it held in?

Mexico won the first world cup in 1990 it was held in Mexico

What is the capital of the state in which the first team plays in?

Columbus, Ohio. The Cincinnati Red legs now the Reds were the first professional sports team.

When did Parade Magazine pick it's first high school basketball All American team?

1957. First team was Jerry Lucas, Terry Bethel, Tom Mescherey, Al Butler and Tony Jackson

What is the best sports team in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team.

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What benefits can you derive from participating in team sports