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Q: What can go around the world yet stays in a cornor?
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What goes around the world yet stays in a corner?

A stamp goes around the world but stays in a corner.

What go around the world yet stay in the corner?

A stamp on a post card! Cool riddle, isn't it!

How do you know if a guy just wants sex from you yet both of you been messing around for like 5 months?

Quit messing around with him and see if he stays around. If not he just wants sex.

What travels around the world yet stays in one corner?

A stamp can travel the whole world while staying in one corner.

What goes up and down yet it stays still?


Why isn't lacrosse in the olypmics?

its not big enough around the world yet

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Not for a long time yet. It stays in space.

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YES! to find it go toINUYASHAMOVIES.NETTHEN GO TO final act in the left hand cornor next go down and click subbed videos.and right now there are 173 episodes of inuyasha

How does the world go around?

Scientist believe that the way the world goes around is by a gravitational pull from the other planets and the sun. Though this is not yet a proven answer this is most likely true.

How did people fighting in World War 2 get around?

the people fighting in world war II got around mainly by aircrafts the people fighting in world war II got around mainly by aircrafts

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My meal

A man sailed singlehanded around the world in a small boat yet he was always in sight of land how come?

He was sailing around one of the poles.