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Q: What can declining athletic ability be a result of?
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Declining Athletics ability can be results of what?

A decline in athletic ability can be the result of overtraining.

Declining athletic ability can be the result of what?

A decline in athletic ability can be the result of overtraining.

What is a definit sign of overtraining?

Deterioration of muscles. Also any type of pain that lasts more that a week.

Is athletic ability a hereditary trait?

Athletic potential is hereditary, but athletic ability can be learned.

Is athletic ability inherited?

By and large athletic potential is an inherited trait, athletic ability however is learned or trained.

What changes have occurred in the habitat of a leopard as a result of declining population?

What changes have acurred in an habitat oaf a leopard as a result of declining population

What is athletic potential ability?

Athletic potential ability is the energy that you have and could be using but not necessarily putting to use. Everybody has potential ability it is just that they convert the energy to kinetic ability, which is the ability that is being used.

A basketball player develops speed and power as a result of practice This athletic ability will not be passed on to her offspring because?

Base sequences in DNA are not affected by this activity.

Is motor sports in the Olympics?

No- then it wouldn't be athletic ability

Which sport requires more athletic ability basketball or wrestling?

I'd say basketball requires more athletic ability because all they do in wrestling is hurt each other.

What is athletic abillity?

its your ability to do sports, such as soccer, hockey and dancing.

Which parent determines athletic ability?

Claire and Carlie :)12