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Athletic potential ability is the energy that you have and could be using but not necessarily putting to use. Everybody has potential ability it is just that they convert the energy to kinetic ability, which is the ability that is being used.

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Q: What is athletic potential ability?
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Is athletic ability a hereditary trait?

Athletic potential is hereditary, but athletic ability can be learned.

Is athletic ability inherited?

By and large athletic potential is an inherited trait, athletic ability however is learned or trained.

Declining athletic ability can be the result of what?

A decline in athletic ability can be the result of overtraining.

Declining Athletics ability can be results of what?

A decline in athletic ability can be the result of overtraining.

Does Potential energy does not have the ability to do work?

Potential energy can be defined as the ability to do work.

What has the author David Richard Brown written?

David Richard Brown has written: 'Development of a psychological scale for evaluating athletic potential using empirical and intuitive test construction strategies' -- subject(s): Athletes, Athletic ability, Testing, Personality assessment, Psychology

Is motor sports in the Olympics?

No- then it wouldn't be athletic ability

What is the biggest concern when matching athletes for competition?

athletic potential

Which sport requires more athletic ability basketball or wrestling?

I'd say basketball requires more athletic ability because all they do in wrestling is hurt each other.

What is athletic abillity?

its your ability to do sports, such as soccer, hockey and dancing.

Which parent determines athletic ability?

Claire and Carlie :)12

What is a sentence for the word ability?

Because I studied, I will have the ABILITY to pass my test tomorrow. Professional sports players are known for their athletic ability.