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I would say College Football came first because I live in New Hampshire and go to a lot of UNH Basketball games and they have posters that say they had a football team in the late 1890's. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a NFL in the 1890's.

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The last Super Bowl was viewed by 97 million people. The college football championship game was viewed by 23 million.

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College football started in 1869 when Rutgers University played Princeton University. Pro football was started in 1920 with twelve teams

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Q: What came first college football or professional football?
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What came first football or cheerleading?


Which college professor came up with football?

The game of American Football was not invented by any college professor. It is a derivative of the game that became the inspiration for American Football, Rugby, and Soccer.

Which state in Nigeria was football first played?

Football was first played in calabar,in the present day CROSS RIVER STATE,on the premises of st. Patrick's shcool PRINCEWILL ESARA Yes football was first played in Calabar, but not in St. Patrick's College. It was first played in Hope Waddell Training Institution at about 1903. It was introduced by a British teacher in that school. St. Patrick's College only came into existence in 1930, many years after football had been introduced to Nigeria. Obobef

What came first hockey or football?

Probably Hockey. NHL came to be in 1917. ~Mccayde Densley it's deffinally football

Which team first used the 3-4 Defense?

I don't think it's known but Miami Dolphins were the first to win a superbowl with the defense in 1972. Pittsburgh Steelers have used the defense since 1982 and I know the Houston Oilers also used the defense. Still it would have to be a college team that first used the defense since college football came before professional. And everything including innovation usually trickelles down from there.

What came first Rugby League Football or Irish Gaelic Football?

Gaelic football was first codified in 1887 rugby football league goes back to 1895

Who is the shortest college football player in history?

Rudy is the shortest college football player. He came in at Notre Dame at about 5"o feet tall at DE. they actually have a movie of him called Rudy.

What came first Football or Gridiron?

soccer is a million times better

Who came first Atlanta Braves or university of Alabama?

The Alabama Crimson Tide's first football game was in 1892. The Atlanta Braves first baseball game was in 1966. So Alabama's football team came first.(i.e. ATLANTA STOLE THEIR "A")

What sport was first football or soccer?

there both the same sport but the name football came firstAnswer'Soccer' or 'Association Football' is just one of a group of games known as football.

When they first invented football did they have peewee football?

No, peewee football came much later. 1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of rugby.

What show came first Monday Night Football or Monday Night Raw?

Monday Night Football - 1970 Monday Night Raw - 1993 So the MNF came before MNR, but WWE as a whole company/show came first in 1952/1953.