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The Alabama Crimson Tide's first football game was in 1892. The Atlanta Braves first Baseball game was in 1966. So Alabama's football team came first.


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Q: Who came first Atlanta Braves or university of Alabama?
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How long have the Atlanta Braves been in Atlanta?

The 2009 season is the Braves 44th in Atlanta ... their first season in Atlanta was 1966.

How did the Atlanta Braves get their color?

The blue and red colors of the Atlanta Braves go all the way back to their origin, as the Boston Braves, before first moving to Milwaukee and then on to Atlanta.

What year did the Atlanta Braves go from worst to first?

The Atlanta Braves went from worst to first in 1991, when they had won 94 games. The year before, the Braves had only won 64 games

Who played the Atlanta Braves first?

The first ever ATLANTA Braves game was played on April 12, 1966 vs the Pittsburgh Pirates in Atlanta, GA. They lost the game 3-2.

Who was the first manager of the Atlanta Braves?

harry wright was the first manager for the braves. Would you like more details?

What was the first pro team in Atlanta GA?


What is the last year the braves won a World Series before 1995?

First time as the Atlanta Braves. They won it as the Milwaukee Braves.

What MLB team does Freddie Freeman play for?

Freddie Freeman plays for the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves have played in how many places?

The Braves first played in Boston, then moved to Milwaukee and now play in Atlanta.

Who were the Atlanta Braves infield players in 2007?

These were the infield starters for the Atlanta Braves in 2007:First base - Scott ThormanSecond base - Kelly JohnsonShortstop - Edgar RenteriaThird base - Chipper Jones

When was the University of Alabama first integrated?


When is the University of Alabama's first game of the 2010 season?

The University of Alabama's first game of the 2010 season is September 4th, when they play San Jose State.