What are the violations in volleyball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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one violation in volleyball is hitting the net while volleying with the other team

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out of bounds, crossing the center line, crossing the line when you serve, and touching the net

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Q: What are the violations in volleyball?
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What are the basic scales of the game volleyball?

the basic scals in playing volleyball is scoring,rotation,basic violations,the court

What are 4 officials in the game of volleyball and their respective functions?

1, Up-Referee: Calls top net violations and signals when a play is over and when it starts. 2, Down-Referee: Calls bottom net violations, foot faults under the net, and rotation violations. 3, Two Line Judges: Calls where the ball hits in or out of the court on a side and respective end line. Also called foot faults when serving and touches on blocking.

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Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

What is difference between Mini volleyball and volleyball?

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What are the equitments in volleyball?

Kneepads,shorts,volleyball,volleyball net

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Is a volleyball a olympic sports?

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Who likes to play volleyball?

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What is another name for beach volleyball?

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What is VSA in volleyball?

VSA in volleyball is a team. Volleyball of South Africa,or Volleyball of South Australia.That's as far as I have known...

How do you say volleyball in German?

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