What sports are popular in Egypt?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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mummy ball not volley ball , mummified tennis , sand fight and mummy arena

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Q: What sports are popular in Egypt?
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What are the less popular sports that Egypt play?


What are the sports in Egypt today?

Football (as in soccer) is the most popular. Other sports are basketball, handball, squash and tennis.

What are some Egyptian sports?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Egypt. Other popular sports in Egypt are basketball, handball, squash, and tennis.Among all African nations, the Egypt national basketball team holds the record for best performance at the Basketball World Cup and at the Summer Olympics. Furthermore, the team has won a record number of 16 medals at the African Championship.

Why were sports played in ancient Egypt?

i dont know but im typing this to become popular

What kind of sports do Egypt have?

Egyptian Sports

What is Egypt's sports?

it is soccer

Does Egypt have any sports?

Yes, They played a pole game where you run and jump over the poleePole VaultingAlso In Egypt they LOVE soccer and on empty streets, children play soccer.It's really popular.

What is the official sport of Egypt?

The famous sport of Egypt was javelin throw. Cave paintings were found in ancient parts of Egypt proving that.

What is pop sports?

POP:it stands for popular so pop sports mean popular sports

What did ancient Egypt do for sports?


Where were Egyptian sports played?


What is the sports participation pyramid?

its in egypt