What are the sizes of a basketball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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There are 3 main sizes. The junior 27.5, the womens 28.5, and the official 29.5.

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There are 2 main sizes: 28.5" and 29.5".

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Q: What are the sizes of a basketball?
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Basketball sizes college an pro?

Basketballs come in three sizes.29.5 for Men28.5 for Women27.5 for Youth

Is a melon the same size of a basketball?

Melon and basketball sizes varies.

Are basketball shoe sizes different?


What kind kind of sizes are there for a basketball?

There are two different basketball sizes, a guys ball and a girls ball, girls will have the inscription 28.5 on it and are a smaller standard size then a mens ball. those are the two different sizes

How are a soccer ball and a basketball different?

different colors, different weights, different sizes

What are the sizes of basketballs?

A womens basketball is 28.5" in circumference and a mens basketball is 29.5" in circumference.

What is the size difference between a size 5 and a size 7 basketball?

So a size 7 basketball is a men's size basketball. A size 6 basketball is a woman's size basketball. That means a size 5 is for people who have smaller hands. That's how you compare sizes.

Does walmart sell basketball jerseys?

Walmart does sell basketball jerseys. They sell a variety of teams jerseys and they come in many different sizes and colors, depending on the team.

Are all basketballs the same size?

No, basketball's in the NBA and College are the same. However, there are different sizes for different types of basketball players. Generally the women high school basketball is smaller than the mens. While the children's basketball is smaller than the adults. The normal size of a basketball is 27.

What kind of jockstrap should preteens wear for basketball?

Someone playing basketball would just need a regular jockstrap, with a pouch for support. There are youth sizes available for preteens.

What is the diametor of a basketball hoop?

The diameter of an official NBA basketball hoop is 17 inches, about an inch less than twice the diameter of a men's ball. Other sizes are available for practice or games other than regulation basketball.

How do hornet nests expand from golf ball to basketball sizes?

The constant do-it-yourself building project of chewing wood and forming it into cells is the way in which hornet nests expand from golf ball to basketball sizes. Hornet-chewed wood is light and strong and its shaping into combs will be accomplished by queen and worker hornets.