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The teams of AFL are:

  1. Adelaide (Crows)
  2. Brisbane (Lions)
  3. Carlton (Blues)
  4. Collingwood (Crows)
  5. Essendon (Bombers)
  6. Fremantle (Dockers)
  7. Geelong (Cats)
  8. Hawthorn (Hawks)
  9. Melbourne (Demons)
  10. North Melbourne (Kangaroos)
  11. Port Adelaide (Power)
  12. Richmond (Tigers)
  13. Saint Kilda (Saints)
  14. Sydney (Swans)
  15. West Coast (Eagles)
  16. Western Bulldogs (Dogs)

I put the real names in normal and the names in brackets are the nicknames. Some other people call Carlton for example, 'The Blueys'!

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Q: What are the names of the Australian AFL teams?
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What ball sport teams do Australia have?

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How many football professional teams are in Carlton?

The Carlton Football Club, nicknamed "The Blues", are the only professional team representing Carlton in the Australian Football League (AFL). They are one of 18 teams playing Australian rules football.

What three Australian sporting teams do not have a name that is an animal?

AFL Teams Carlton - The Blues Essendon - The Bombers Fremantle - The Dockers Port Adelaide - Port Power St. Kilda - The Saints

How many AFL games per season?

Each team in the AFL (Australian Football League) plays 22 regular-season games every year. There are 18 teams in the AFL, so the total regular-season games played in the league is 396. The AFL also has one pre-season game called the NAB Cup, the playoffs (featuring the best 8 teams) and the AFL Grand Final.

Popular Australian sports?

AFL ( Australian Rules Football)

What is the Melbourne AFL teams icon?

The Melbourne AFL team is known as the Demons.

What do the letter AFL stand for in sporting terms?

The AFL is the Australian Football League (a soccer league like the MLS in the US or UEFA in Europe)

Where can one find a schedule for AFL football games?

One can find a schedule for AFL (Australian Football League) football games, on the official website of the AFL (Australian Football League). Another way to find a schedule for the AFL is to use the official AFL mobile application.

Is A F L an Australian game?

AFL Stands for Australian Football League.

What was the AFL referred to when first formed in 1959?

when AFL first began, it was only played in the one Australian state of Victoria, so it used to simply be called the VFL or Victorian football league. then they expanded the game into a nationwide competition and it became the AFL or austrlain football league. there's still a VFL which is a smaller Victorian based league that the coaches of AFL teams go to and watch to pick up new recruits for the major AFL teams. hope this answers your question :) P.S. I'm an Aussie, so I'm not making it up lol.

How many points are awarded to each team of Australian football in the event of a draw?

AFL awards teams two points each in a draw, which is half of the regular points awarded for a victory.

What does AFL stand for in Australia?

Australian Football League