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soffes!! ah-mazing brand of shorts. otherwise known as booty-shorts; but that nickname is only for the girls who roll the elastic waistband at the top a zillion times. But most girls just roll it once. (:

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Q: What are the name of official cheerleading shorts?
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What day did cheerleading start?

November 2, 1898 is the official birth date for cheerleading.

Do 8 year old girls where shorts to cheerleading practice?

sometimes in some places

What is cheer gear?

Cheer gear is clothes for cheerleading, most likely provided or assigned by your team such as shirts, shorts, and cheer shoes which are white shoes that are specifically made for cheerleading.

Is cheerleading better in shorts or skirts and why?

I think that skirts are better because your more free to do like splits and flips.

What did johnny Campbell inventstart in 1898?

Cheerleading, the first official team

What is the date of when cheerleading became a sport?

There is no official date of when cheerleading became a sport. This is because there is still much debate over its status as a sport

Who was the founder of cheerleading?

Thomas Peebles introduce the idea of organized cheerleading, but it did not become "official"until Johnny Cambell started it in 1898 at the University of Minnosota.

When did cheerleading become and official sport?

A judge recently ruled that cheerleading was not a sport. As a fellow cheerleader, I beg to differ. Cheerleading combines gymnastics, dancing, and even weight lifting.

What is the name for denim shorts where the lengths are between Bermuda and short shorts?

boyfriend shorts

What is the name of the first cheerleading squad?


What was the name of the first Pittsburgh Steelers cheerleading squad?

The Steelers only had one cheerleading squad, 'The Steelerettes', from 1961-1969.

What is the name of a cheerleading squad that has girls and boys?