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By law, 18 to buy, under 18 you can be supervised by an adult to use them. But it is illegal for someone under 18 to take the marker off the premises without an adult. :)

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You must be 18 to purchace paintball guns and accessories. You may only use Paintball guns on your property, shooting at your property, or at legal paintball fields.

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So in ky felon can own a paintall gun ?

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Emie Beahan

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thx for your answer

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No.. of course not

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Q: What are the laws in Kentucky for paintball markers?
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Where can one buy pump paintball markers?

There are plenty of options where one can buy pump paintball markers. Zephyr Sports, ANS Gear and Amazon are great options for pump paintball markers.

Are paintball guns illegal in Yonkers ny?

There is not licencing for paintball markers.

Where can you find a paintball pawn shop?

Though Paintball markers can be sold to pawn shops and Paintball stores, there are no specific "paintball pawn shops." The link attached is a site where markers can be bought, sold and traded.

What are paintball markers?

A paintball marker is a paintball gun. It is just called a marker instead of a gun.

Are scenario paintball guns allowed in non scenario paintball?

Yes, they are. Any markers marked as "scenario" markers are just military simulation markers, which are fine at any feild.

Does predator paintball supply paintball markers?

if you are talking about the one is sacramento, yes

How do you buy a powerful paintball gun?

All paintball markers must be chronographed at under 300 FPS, so all markers have the same "power."

Does a spring action paintball gun shoot as hard as a paintball gun that holds air?

No they do not. A spring paintball gun shoots at about 120 feet per second and a propellant powered one will shoot at 300 feet per second depending at what the user/owner sets the velocity of the marker at."spring action" markers are markers that run solely on a spring, but all paintball markers Use springs. These spring pump guns are less paintball markers and more toys.

Can you sell paintball guns in New York city?

There is no place in the US that requires a permit/license for paintball markers.

Where is discount paintball?

You can find cheap and discounted paintball guns and markers from your local gun shops. You can also look for garage sales for cheaper prices of paintball guns and markers. You can also try checking online for dealers and stores such as eBay and Amazon for cheaper and discounted prices of paintball guns and marker.

Can you be 14 years and own a paintball gun in pa?

No, in the US you must be 18 to buy paintball markers and most accessories.

Which paintball gun has the greatest velocity?

All paintball markers are chronographed to the same velocity of around 290-300 FPS.