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7 on 7 drills include the 7 offensive players against 7 defensive players.

There are no linemen in these drills.

The positions included are as follows:




1-4 WRs

1-3 TEs


The center sometimes is on the field too to practice snap exchanges with the QB

defense matches whatever the offense puts on the field so:

Strong safety

Free Safety

Corner backs to match the WRs

Linebackers to match the RBs, TEs and FB

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() X X X X X X X (LC) (LDE)(LT)(NT)(RT)(RDE) (RC) X X (LL) (RL) X X (SS) (FS) LC - Left Corner (aka Defensive Back - DB) RC - Right Corner (aka Defensive Back - DB) LDE - Left Defensive End RDE - Right Defensive End LT - Left Tackle RT - Right Tackle NT - Nose Tackle LL - Left Linebacker RL - Right Linebacker SS - Strong Safety FS - Free Safety () - Football Depending on your defense scheme you could have a Middle Linebacker as well. This would remove your Strong Safety. Well, since it compressed how I set up the layout, here it is (LC)....(LDE)(LT)(NT)(RT)(RDE)....(RC) ...........(LL).....(RL) ...(SS)....................(FS)

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Flag football is a fun game that allows people to enjoy the thrill of the game without the dangers of tackling. The positions in the game are quarterback, halfback or running back, wide receiver, offensive linemen, center, pass rushers, and defensive backs.

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Quarterback (qb) widereciever (wr) offensive lineman (iforgot) runningback (rb) tide end (te) the one blocks the rb this is offense. Defense lineback (lb) safety (s) defensive lineman and cover back (cb) the who covers wr

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Q: What are the football positions for seven on seven defense in middle school football?
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