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No ma'am.

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Q: Can you bring your own football helmet for middle school football?
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What do you bring to the first day of middle school?

There are a number of things that a student may be required to bring on their first day of middle school. These include pens, pencils, erasers, binders, notebooks, and a backpack.

What are good stuff to bring canoeing?

no helmet

Can you bring a water bottle to middle school?

Ask a teacher to make sure.

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Go have fun but bring a helmet!

Why are there different helmet stickers in the east west game?

Each player will bring helmet stickers from his school/team and give them to other players on the all-star team to wear on their helmet. I guess they do this to show respect to the other players/schools from their all-star team.

What do you bring on the first day of middle school?

Folder, Paper, Pencils Just the Basic Supplies.

What should you bring to football camp?

A person should bring a football, a jersey, and a good attitude to football camp.

What is the 6th grade supply list in fulmore middle school?

The link below will bring you to the supply list.

What clothing items do you wear when playing football?

i guess u just wear your pads like knee pads shoulder pads helmet mouthpeice uniform and your cup most importantly bring A game

Cycling when pregnant?

Good exercise, but be careful ... wear a helmet, bring a buddy.

Where is WrestleMania 27 going to be at?

on mars ( if your going to go remember bring a helmet ) ;)

Is Jackson middle school in Grand Prairie TX ghetto?

i went to Jackson and it is strict and that kid did bring a gun but every school has pregnant girls and homosexuals if you send your kid to any school middle school in grand prairie your probably going to get the same outcome

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