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geovany soto koyie hill

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{| ! colspan="2" | Hall Of Famer ! Primary Team ! Primary Position ! Induction Year | Alexander, Grover Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher 1938 Anson, Cap Chicago White Stockings First Baseman 1939 Ashburn, Richie Philadelphia Phillies Center Fielder 1995 Banks, Ernie Chicago Cubs Shortstop 1977 Boudreau, Lou Cleveland Indians Shortstop 1970 Bresnahan, Roger New York Giants Catcher 1945 Brock, Lou St. Louis Cardinals Left Fielder 1985 Brown, Mordecai Chicago Cubs Pitcher 1949 Chance, Frank Chicago Cubs First Baseman 1946 Clarkson, John Boston Beaneaters (Braves) Pitcher 1963 Cuyler, Kiki Chicago Cubs Left Fielder 1968 Dean, Dizzy St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher 1953 Duffy, Hugh Boston Beaneaters (Braves) Center Fielder 1945 Eckersley, Dennis Oakland A's Pitcher 2004 Evers, Johnny Chicago Cubs Second Baseman 1946 Foxx, Jimmie Philadelphia Athletics First Baseman 1951 Frisch, Frankie St. Louis Cardinals Second Baseman 1947 Gossage, Rich New York Yankees Pitcher 2008 Grimes, Burleigh Brooklyn Dodgers Pitcher 1964 Hartnett, Gabby Chicago Cubs Catcher 1955 ! colspan="2" | ! ! ! | Herman, Billy Chicago Cubs Second Baseman 1975 Hornsby, Rogers St. Louis Cardinals Second Baseman 1942 Irvin, Monte Newark Eagles Left Fielder 1973 Jenkins, Fergie Chicago Cubs Pitcher 1991 Kelly, George New York Giants First Baseman 1973 Kelly, King Chicago White Stockings Right Fielder 1945 Kiner, Ralph Pittsburgh Pirates Left Fielder 1975 Klein, Chuck Philadelphia Phillies Right Fielder 1980 Lazzeri, Tony New York Yankees Second Baseman 1991 Lindstrom, Freddie New York Giants Third Baseman 1976 Maranville, Rabbit Boston Braves Shortstop 1954 Roberts, Robin Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher 1976 Sandberg, Ryne Chicago Cubs Second Baseman 2005 Sutter, Bruce Chicago Cubs Pitcher 2006 Tinker, Joe Chicago Cubs Shortstop 1946 Waddell, Rube Philadelphia Athletics Pitcher 1946 Wilhelm, Hoyt Chicago White Sox Pitcher 1985 Williams, Billy Chicago Cubs Left Fielder 1987 Wilson, Hack Chicago Cubs Center Fielder 1979 All of these players played for the cubs at least once in their career

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For sake of space, I'm just going to mention the ones who people remember as playing for the cardinals. These include Lou Brock, Dizzy Dean, Bob Gibson, Whitey Herzog, Jesse Haines, Rogers Hornsby, Johnny Mize, Frankie Frisch, Stan Musial, Red Schoendienst, Enos Slaughter, Ozzie Smith, Billy Southworth, and Bruce Sutter. Other notable names who played for the cardinals, but are remembered with a different team include Cy Young, Orlando Cepeda, Steve Carlton, Dennis Eckersley, Mordecai Brown, and Grover Cleveland Alexander

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Q: What are all of the Chicago Cubs names?
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