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there have been plenty of games throughout history without any penalties in them

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Q: What NHL game had the least penalties ever?
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Has there ever been a NHL playoff game where no penalties were called?

Yes. In 2010 when the Blackhawks played the Flyers at the United Center.

How many penalties are called in an nhl game?

Depends on how many infractions are committed by players/teams during the game!

Most team penalties in 1 NHL game?

IT was the Ottawa senators and the philadelphia flyers to get a total of 419.

Which NHL Goalie played the least amount of time in a NHL Game?

kevin poulin he did not survive the warmup

Was there ever a scoreless tie in an NHL playoff game?


How many officials are there in the NHL?

in a game there are 4, two linesmen and 2 acuall refs (the ones who call the penalties)

Has there ever been a nhl match without a fight?

Yes actually there has been many, I live in Dallas and recently went to a game with the Stars and the Sabres, there were no fights and only two penalties, one for hooking and the other for high sticking!!!!!!!

Was there ever an nhl hockey game with no starting goalie?

you my friend, are stupid.

Has anyone ever scored 70 goals in an NHL game?

no but i did in NHL 2K10 323 - 1 Washington over Florida

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

What can be the least amount of players on the ice during a hockey game with penalties?

The answer is 8, including goalies. Teams can have a minimum of 3 skaters each on the ice at all times. <a href="">Hockey Tracker - NHL Analysis and Trade Rumors</a>

Which player had the most penalties in his NHL career?

Mike Shultz