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Kansas City Chiefs were the fist team to lose a Super Bowl.

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Q: What NFL team lost the first ever Super Bowl?
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Which team lost the first super bowl ever?

The Kansas City Chiefs lost Super Bowl I to the Green Bay Packers, with the final score 35-10.

What was the score of the first Super Bowl that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost?

The first time the Pittsburgh Steelers lost in the Super Bowl was January 28, 1996 in Super Bowl XXX. They lost to the Dallas Cowboys 27 - 17.

Has Brett Favre ever won Super Bowl mvp?

No. In Super Bowl XXXI, Desmond Howard was the MVP. The Packers lost Super Bowl XXXII.

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers won every Super Bowl they've ever been in?

No, They lost to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX.

What team lost the first Super Bowl in 1967?

The Kansas City Chiefs lost the first Super Bowl to the Green Bay Packers 35-10.

Who was the first team the Redskins played in the Super Bowl?

The first Super Bowl the Redskins played in was Super Bowl VII. They lost to the Miami Dolphins, 14-7.

Has Tom Brady ever lost a Super Bowl?

Yes, he lost in the 42nd superbowl to the Giants.

What first occurred in Super Bowl xvi?

1) First Super Bowl to have a turnover on the opening kickoff. 2) First Super Bowl where the team that had the most total yards on offensive lost.

Was donovan mcnabb ever in the Super Bowl?

No, McNabb was the second pick of the 1999 NFL Draft. Tim Couch was first.

Has Carolina ever been to a super bowl?

Yes, they went to Super Bowl 38 but lost to the Patriots on a last second field goal

Did the panthers ever play a Super Bowl game?

They played in Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) against the Patriots and lost 32-29.

Did rich gannon ever win a super bowl ring?

No. Gannon was a member of 1 Super Bowl team ... the Oakland Raiders that lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII.