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No, They lost to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX.

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Q: Have the Pittsburgh Steelers won every Super Bowl they've ever been in?
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Have the Pittsburgh Steelers been to every playoff game since they joined the league?

No, that would mean they won every Super Bowl.

Who did Pittsburgh Steelers play in last seven Super Bowls?

No one, the Steelers were not in every single one of the last seven super bowls. Dream big for them maybe, but sorry...they weren't in them all :)

Why are Pittsburgh Steelers fans trash talkers?

I can't speak for every Steelers fan, but why trash talk when you've won six Super Bowls. The true fans aren't like that.

Who were two Pittsburgh Steelers that are in the hall of fame but never won the Super Bowl?

The first Super Bowl was played in 1967. Every Steelers player in the NFL Hall of Fame from that time on has won a Super Bowl with the Steelers. The one exception is Rod Woodson. He won his championship ring with the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV.

Who have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten in their history?

The Steelers beat every team in the NFL at least one time in their history.

What were some important events for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steelers have the most Super Bowl rings out of every team in the NFL, with 6 Rings in all. Hines Ward holds the most receiving yards that a Pittsburgh Steeler has ever had. Ben Roethlisberger could possibly be the greatest quarterback Pittsburgh has ever seen (#7).

Have the Dallas Cowboys ever played the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh?

Yes, the cowboys played in Pittsburgh in the 2009 season. Every 8 years they do.

How many players are on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Every NFL roster consists of 53 players.

What do the Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave during every game?

They wave the Terrible Towel.

How often do the San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers play?

Every four years.

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl in 2010?

Every team has a chance going into the 2010 season. Let's just hope the NFL and the Players Union get on the same page, so we have football in 2011. GO STEELERS♥

Which NFL team has won a championship in every decade since the 50's?

Pittsburgh Steelers

How many Pittsburgh Steelers were on the 2009 team?

Every NFL team has 53 active players.

What is a steeler as in Pittsburgh Steelers?

A Steeler was someone who worked in the steel mills. Pittsburgh is famous for their steel production and terrible sports teams (Pittsburgh Power- AFL, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates.) They also are robbers which is weird because they can never "steel" a win. They lose to the Ravens every year.

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have 53 players on their roster?

Yes. The Steelers like every other NFL team will have a 53 man roster during the season.

What is the name of the yellow garment that every Pittsburgh Steelers fan waves around at home games?

The Terrible Towel

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the luckiest team in the NFL?

No, they're not. Every NFL team has gotten lucky at one time or another. The Steelers are still considered a very good team.

Why do the Pittsburgh Steelers have the number 21 on the back of their helmets?

the death of Sean Taylor on the redskins every team in the NFL has his number on them

Where can you buy Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise?

There are many stores that sell merchandise for every NFL team. The Steelers official site also has a shopping section. Click on the link below for more information.

Who will win in the super bowl patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers?

i myself am a patriots fan, and i dispise the steelers. so i would say the patriots would win, but every one has different opinions. in this 2010-2011 season, the patriots lost to the browns, and the steelers lost to the jets, then the patriots creamed the jets, and the steelers creamed the browns, so it just goes to show, any team can beat any other team on any given sunday.

What are the scores for all of the Pittsburgh Steelers games since 1933?

Click on the 'All Scores of ALL Football Games' to learn more about every score of every game played in the NFL.

Should the Pittsburgh Steelers get cheerleaders?

Yes they should. Every team should have cheerleaders because they need someone to motivate them. (This is coming from a cheerleader herself).

Which Pittsburgh Steelers number has not been worn in over 75 years?

Every Steelers number from 00 to 99 has been used over the past 75 years. The 00 has not been worn since Johnny Clement in 1948.

How often do the cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers play?

Excluding Super Bowl matches, the two teams play about every four years when the teams of the NFC East play the teams of the AFC North. The Cowboys and Steelers last played in Pittsburgh on December 7, 2008, which resulted in a 20-13 win for the home team. They are scheduled to play again during the 2012 regular season, at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday, December 16.

Will the Super Bowl ever be in Pittsburgh?

It could be one day because they hold the Super Bowl in different places every year and they held it in Miami this year (2010), and Joe McGrath, Pittsburgh's president of the city's tourism agency expressed great interest in hosting a Super Bowl.