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Mark McGwire 497 under Tony La Russa

Babe Ruth 467 under Miller Huggins

Barry Bonds 435 under Dusty Baker

Chipper Jones 417+ under Bobby Cox ---**** only mgr "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

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Q: What MLB player has the most home runs under one manager?
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What baseball player played the most games with one manager?

I'm not absolutely certain, but I would say Chipper Jones under Bobby Cox(Atlanta Braves).

What player has hit the most home runs with the same manager?

Albert Pujols with Tony Larussa Babe Ruth with Miler Huggins Mark McGwire with Tony Larussa

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The following list details managers of FA Cup winning sides since 1945, who have also won the FA Cup as a player. No doubt there are more in the inter-war period and pre-WW1 period but this has been very time-consuming so far!The list does NOT include player-managers, i.e. those who have won the cup simultaneously as player and manager.1. George Graham1993 Manager (Arsenal)1971 Player (Arsenal)2. Terry Venables1991 Manager (Tottenham Hotspur)1967 Player (Tottenham Hotspur)3. Bobby Gould1988 Manager (Wimbledon)1975 picked up a medal as a non-playing substitute (West Ham United)4. Bob Stokoe1973 Manager (Sunderland)1955 Player (Newcastle United)5. Don Revie1972 Manager (Leeds United)1956 Player (Manchester City)6. Joe Mercer1969 Manager (Manchester City)1933 Player (Everton)1950 Player (Arsenal)7. Bill Shankly1974 and 1965 Manager (Liverpool)1938 Player (Preston North End)8. Matt Busby1948 and 1963 Manager (Manchester United)1934 Player (Manchester City)9. Billy Walker1959 Manager (Nottingham Forest)1920 Player (Aston Villa)1935 Player (Sheffield Wednesday)10. Stan Seymour1952 and 1951 Manager* (Newcastle United)*Seymour was officially the head of a Director's Committee responsible for team affairs at this time and will not always be considered manager of Newcastle for these FA Cup wins.1924 Player (Newcastle United)11. Joe Smith1953 Manager (Blackpool)1926 Player (Bolton Wanderers)12. Jimmy Seed1947 Manager (Charlton Athletic)1921 Player (Tottenham Hotspur)13. Kenny Dalglish1986 Player / Manager (Liverpool)1989 Manager (Liverpool)

Which MLB player has the most home runs?

Barry Bonds has the most home runs in Major League Baseball (762).

What NY Yankees player or manager participated in the most World Series?

Through the 2009 World Series:1) Ralph Houk - won WS as manager of the Yankees in 1961 and 1962 and player for the Yankees in 1947 and 1949-1953.2) Billy Martin - won WS as manager of the Yankees in 1977 and player for the Yankees in 1951-1953 and 1956.3) Joe Girardi - won WS as manager of the Yankees in 2009 and player for the Yankees in 1996, 1998, and 1999.

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what player has played under the most premiership managers?

andy cole

What baseball player hit the 2nd most home runs?

As of 2009 Hank Aaron has the second most career home runs with 755.