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Q: Which baseball player has the most career hits against manager Bobby Cox?
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How do you be promoted from a player to a manager in FIFA?

You can't go from player to manager on career mode. The only way you can be manager is by playing on manager mode.

What is Whitey Herzog famous for?

Whitey Herzog is famous for being an American baseball player and most notably as a baseball manager. He started his baseball career in 1956 with the Washington Senators.

What person has been involved in the most winning baseball games as a player coach or manager?

Connie Mack had the most wins in baseball history. He was a manager that coached for 50 years. He finished with 3,731 career wins.

Player inducted into the baseball hall of fame twice?

You can't really be inducted twice as a player. To answer the spirit of your question though - would a player, say, Ted Williams, be inducted twice is he followed his Hall-of-Fame worthy career by an equally Hallworthy career as a manager? The answer is, no.

How is the starting line up in a baseball game figured out?

It all depends on how the manager and past stats favor certain players. say a player in the past has done great against the dodgers but awful against the reds the manager will most likely start him against the dodgers and might find a replacement against the reds if there is a player the statistically does better against the reds

Who was the last player to score 5 touchdowns in a career against Florida state by himself?

Who was the last player to score 5 touchdowns (in a career) against FSU by himself

Which baseball player known as the little professor?

That would be former manager Casey Stengel who managed the New York Yankees and New York Mets during his career.

Who was the last player to act as general manager for his team?

Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds was the last player-manager in baseball.

What baseball players first name starts with y?

Yogi Berra is a former major league baseball player and manager. He played for the New York Yankees and managed the Yankees after his playing career ended.

What baseball player was number 37?

Casey Stengel as a manager.

What was Jackie Robinson career?

He was a major league baseball player.

What was Jackie Robinson's career?

He was a Major League Baseball player.

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