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Q: What Canadian football team did Manuel Barrera play for?
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What year did manuel barrera play for The Pittsburgh Steelers?

Manuel Barrera was drafted in 1970, and played about 6 games for the steelers.

How can an American play football for the Canadian Junior Football League?

He can play because this league requires a minimum of canadian players, but they are not obligated to all be from canada :p

How many players on a football field during play in Canadian football?


What sport do the Montreal Alouettes play?

The Montreal Alouettes play Canadian football.

Which football team does justin bieber play for?

Justin Bieber does not play for a football team, as he is a famous Canadian pop singer.

Did Archie Manning play in Canadian football league?


When did Basil Mullins play in the Canadian Football League?


Which football teams go by the Roughriders name?

The Ottawan Roughriders are a Canadian Football League team based in Ottawa, Ontario. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are a Canadian professional football team, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, who play in the West Division of the Canadian Football League.

Did anyone play for the National Hockey League and the Canadian Football League?


How many people are on a normal offense play in footabll?

Canadian football- 12 American football- 11

Did Frank Collins play in the Canadian Football League?

Yes, in the 70's...

Who is the smallest player to ever play in the Canadian football league?

Jesse margetak