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1. Michigan 2. Notre Dame 3. Oklahoma 4. Texas 5. Alabama 6. Ohio St. 7. Nebraska 8. Tennesse 9. Souther Cal 10. Penn St. 11. Boise St. 12. Florida St. 13. Georgia 14. Miami (Ohio) 15. Miami (FL) Source: The first list accurately answers the question. The results change somewhat if the question is meant to refer to the "modern era", generally understood to be from 1936 to present. This list takes us out of the formation era of the game, with the 25, 20, and 15 players per side, pre-platoon system, different fields, scoring, uprights, and rules in general, the Ivy-league one, two, and three game seasons against plowboys from the mill, etc. I personally feel a post-1936 list is a more honest representation of relative strength and success of the different programs. I think it is objective. (my team fell two notches). 1. Oklahoma 2. Ohio State 3. Penn State 4. Michigan 5. Notre Dame 6. Tennessee 7, Alabama 8. Texas 9. Nebraska 10. USC 11. Florida State 12. Georgia 13. Miami-Fl. 14. Miami-Oh. 15. Auburn

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Q: What 15 schools have the best NCAA football winning percentages?
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