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1. Bolo Zenden (Chelsea & Liverpool)

2. Ashley Cole (arsenal & chelsea)

3. Juan Veron (man u & chelsea)

4. Lassana Diarra (Chelsea & Arsenal)

5. Paul Parker (Man Utd then played three games as a Chelsea player)

6. William Gallas (arsenal & chelsea)

7. Jermain Pennant (arsenal & liverpool)

8. Emanual Petit (arsenal & chelsea)

9. Nicolas Anelka (arsenal, pool & chelsea)

10. Paul Ince (man u & liverpool)

11. Mark Bosnich (chelsea & man u)

12. Mark Hughes (chelsea & man u)

13. Mikel Silvestre (arsenal & man u)

14. Glen Johnson (chelsea & liverpool)

15. Michael Owen (liverpool & man u)

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Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal and currently plays for Chelsea.

Mikael Silvestre has played for Manchester United and currently plays for Arsenal.

Mark Hughes has played for Manchester United and Chelsea.

Juan Sebastian Veron has played for Manchester United and Chelsea.

Sorry, that's all I can think of.

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Well Michael Owen has played for Liverpool and now Manchester United but he also played in Spain for Real Madrid but i don't think any player has done that so far

I can think of six:

Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool & Real Madrid)

Lassana Diara (Chelsea, Arsenal & Real Madrid)

Mark Hughes (Chelsea, Man Utd & Barcelona)

Emmanuel Petit (Chelsea, Arsenal & Barcelona)

Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal, Liverpool & Real Zaragosa)

Plus Owen.

the finalone is Zenden (Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona)

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Q: What 13 players played for two of the premiership big 4 teams?
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