Was Jeff skinner a firefighter

Updated: 12/9/2022
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No, he is one of the best hockey players of all time.

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Q: Was Jeff skinner a firefighter
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What is Jeff Skinner's full name?

Jeff Skinner's full name is Jeffrey Skinner.

Where was Jeff Skinner born?

Jeff Skinner was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

When was Jeff Skinner born?

Jeff Skinner was born on May 16, 1992.

How tall is Jeff Skinner?

NHL player Jeff Skinner is 5'-11''.

What NHL team does Jeff Skinner play for?

Jeff Skinner plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What is Jeff Skinner's number on the Carolina Hurricanes?

Jeff Skinner is number 53 on the Carolina Hurricanes.

How much does Jeff Skinner weigh?

NHL player Jeff Skinner weighs 200 pounds.

Does Jeff Skinner shoot right or left?

NHL player Jeff Skinner shoots left.

How old is Jeff Skinner?

Jeff Skinner is 19 years old (birthdate: May 16, 1992).

Did Jeff skinner win the calder trophy in 2011?

Yes, Jeff Skinner did win the Calder Trophy in 2011.

Youngest player nhl?

Jeff Skinner of the Carolina Hurricanes. He currently plays.

What are Jeff Skinner's parent's names?

William Grinnell Gordon and Carol Ann Houston. Carol married John Bickford when Jeff was a year old.