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Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins,

Kurt Warner - Arizona Cardianals, St. Louis Rams, New York Giants

Don Maynard - Giants, New York Titans, Jets

Ken Riley - Bengals

Steve Bono - Vikings,Steelers,49ers,Chiefs,Packers,Rams

Joey Harrington - Falcons

Gino Torretta - Vikings, Seahawks

Johnny Knox - Bears

Ken Walter - Panthers, Patriots, Seahawks

Tim Rattay - 49ers, Bucs

Shaun Hill - Vikings, 49ers

Billy Joe Tolliver - Falcons

Kerry Collins - Saints

Danny Kanell - Giants, Falcons, Broncos

Steve Johnson - Bills

Chris Mohr - Falcons

Bucky Scribner - Packers, Vikings

Dave Jennings - Jets

Tom Hodson - Patriots

Rod Harper - Saints

(list by bbethel1)

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Dan Marino comes to mind first.

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All of the Nrl Teams.

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Q: WHAT team uses 13 players on the field?
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What sports team uses 13 players on the field?

rugby union as 13 ,not to be confused with rugby league which as 11 players on field

How many players in a rugby league team?

there are 17 players on a team with 13 on the field

How many players on a field in NRL?

13 it is actually 17.with 13 starters and 4 bench

How many players are allowed on the rugby field for one team at a time?

for rugby league it is 13 players and for rugby union it is 15 players

How many players in socccer?

Their is 11 on the field in one team.

How many players per side are there in rugby league?

13 per team on the field at any one time with 4 on the bench.

How many players in rugby league?

there are 13 on the field per team and 4 reserves on bench per team. so total of 26 at any one time.

Hoe many players are on one team in Rugby Union Team?

15 players plus subs in union and 13 plus subs in league per side

How many players make up a rugby league team?

13 on the field each team. plus subs. The league code dropped the wing forward (flanker)

How much players in a baseball game?

There can be 25 on each teams roster for a total of 50 for both teams. Of course only 9 players on the defensive team can be on the field at any time. There can be no more than 4 offensive players on the field. 1 batting and 3 on base. Therefore there can be 13 players on the field during a game.

How many players in rugby league team?

there are 17 in a team with 13 starters and 4 bench players.

How many players aloud on the field?

12 OR 13