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Q: Tampa Bay bucs average points per game?
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What was the Tampa Bay bucs win - loss record in 1976?

The Bucs did not win a single regular season game in their 1976 season.

When is Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1st game?

9/9/12 against Carolina Panthers is the regular season first game for the Bucs.

What rookie quarterbacks have won a playoff game?

Shaun King, Tampa Bay Bucs. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens. Mark Sanchez, New York Jets.

Score of the inaugural game at lincloln financial filed between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

September 8, 2003: Bucs 17, Eagles 0

What team did Bill Belichick face in his regular season debut as coach of the Patriots?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Belichick's first regular season game as coach of the Patriots was September 3, 2000 against the Bucs in Tampa. The Patriots lost 21-16.

What is the average home game attendance for the Tampa Bay Rays?

The average home game attendance for the Tampa Bay Rays during the 2008 season was 22,259 fans (26th in the league).

Who has caught passes from Matt flynn in his debut against Tampa Bay?

RB Brandon Jackson and WR Jordy Nelson both caught 3 yard passes from Flynn in his first NFL game against the Bucs on September 28, 2008. Flynn's stats for the game was 2 completions in 5 attempts for 6 yards, 0 TDs, and 0 INTs. The Bucs won the game, 30-21.

What is the Sacramento Kings average points per a game for 2008 2009?

The Sacramento Kings average points per game for the 2008-09 NBA season was 100.6 points per game.

What places are good to visit in Tampa?

Busch GardensAdventure IslandTampa Children's MuseumTampa Museum of ArtPicnic IslandBallast Point PierCitrus Park MallInternational MallWestshore MallFlorida AquariumLowry Park ZooLettuce Lake ParkRaymond James Stadium (Bucs Game)Tampa Bay Times Forum (Storm or Lightning Games)

What is Lebron James' average points per game 2013?

32.3 points per game

What is the most total points scored against Tampa Bay in a single game by the Denver Broncos?


What is the most total points scored against Tampa Bay in one game in Broncos history?