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Q: Ray Allen begain his career with which team?
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Ray Allen began his career with which team?

Ray Allen began his NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucksin 1996.

Who is a better career player Ray Allen or Paul Pierce?

ray Allen

Most 3 pointers in a career?

Ray Allen

What NBA team does Ray Allen play for in 2014-2015?

Ray Allen currently isn't on an NBA team.

How many career points does ray Allen have?

Ray Allen's career high, is 54 points. He achieved this in a game against the Utah Jazz, on January 12, 2007.

What is Ray Allen's career 3 point percentage?


How many points has ray Allen scored in his career?


Who has the most three point in their nba career?

Ray allen

What player has the most career three pointers in the NBA?

Ray Allen

How many 3-pointers have Ray Allen i his career?

Look up your moms skirt!

How many 3 points do ray Allen have in whole his career?

2,409 so far.

Who holds the sec record for most 3 pointers mad in a career?

ray Allen