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ray Allen

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Q: Who is a better career player Ray Allen or Paul Pierce?
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Who is better paul pierce or ray Allen?

Paul Pierce is a much better player then ray allen

Is Allen Iverson better than Paul pierce?

This is no contest- Paul Pierce is clearly better. Allen Iverson has had a great career, but not as good as Paul Pierce- championships speak volumes. no Allen is better No Allen iverson is not compared to the points and strength of paul pierce

Who is better ray Allen or paul pierce in the nba?

Ray ( Jesus shuttlesworth ) Allen

Is Ray Allen better than Paul Pierce?

Ray Allen actually makes his shots unlike pierce who has a funky shot and misses all the time

Is Paul Pierce a good player?

Yes Paul Pierce is a good player or actually he's an excellent player. He's one of The Big Three along with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen who carried their team into championship last '07-'08 season.Paul Pierce averages 22.9 points per game in his 11 year career in the NBA.

Who is the best Celtics player ever?

paul pierce, rajon rondo,ray allen, rasheed willace,tony allen

What player has the most career three pointers in the NBA?

Ray Allen

Who is older ray Allen or paul pierce?

Paul pierce is much older than ray allen

Who is better Joe Johnson or Allen Iverson?

Currently Joe Johnson. The Hawks are a good team. Iverson is old and he is not a team player. Definitely Joe Johnson. Allen Iverson had a better career, but Joe Johnson is a beast right now.

Who is the better player Ray Allen or Vince Carter?

Then: Carter Now: Allen

Is ray Allen better than Tom Brady on the patriots?

Ray Allen is a basketball player

Who is the highest paid groundskeeper in MLB?

Allen pierce

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