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Tell your coach that it will help get more stunt groups which will help you get more points when you compete. Also you could get more cheeleaders from the school by having sort of a "show off" thing where you and your team do some stunts such as jumps (hurkie, pikes,toe touches),one footed stunts( liberties, scales, bow and arrows), basket tosses , ect. this will probally help get people to notice the cool things cheerleaders do and mabey make them whant to join. You could also (with your coach's and principals permittion) put up "cheelreaders needed" flyers around school.

I come from a small school with a small squad but we always win 2nd or 3rd so sometimes a small squard isn't so bad

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Q: Please help how do you convince the cheer coach or school to have more cheerleaders?
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How do you convince the middle school cheer coach or school to have retryouts for more cheerleaders please help?

I would suggest keepin the current squad and then contact the coache about tryouts only for thegirls that want to try out and only of this is a big group of girls that missed try outs, one or two probably won't cut it

Where do high school cheerleaders compete?

High School Cheerleaders compete at cheer-leading competitions such as the NCA. You can learn more information about cheerleading online at the Wikipedia website.

Why do cheerleaders only cheer for football?

Cheerleaders don't only cheer for football. There is also competitive cheer leading and cheering for other sports.

Do all high school cheerleaders go to cheer camp over the summer?

My team does, but not all do

Why did the call cheerleaders cheerleaders?

Because they "lead" the fans to support ("cheer") the team. :D

Who do the Dallas cheerleaders cheer for?

The Dallas Cowboys

Do lakers cheerleaders cheer at away games?


Can Mid states hockey cheerleaders cheer if they do not go to that school?

If the girls sibling goes to a different school where he plays hockey, the girl will be able to cheer for her brothers school. Or If the school the girl attends does not have a hockey program, she may try-out to cheer with another school. (I'm a coach for a mid-states hockey cheerleading squad) :)

Why do cheerleaders have to be an example?

Just like any school or professional sport, athletes should be an example to others. Cheerleading is no exception. Cheerleaders for a sport are there to encourage the fans to cheer along with them. They are meant to be leaders and a positive example for others and they are taught that, on and off the field (or cheer mat!)

What chant is used for cheerleaders to initiate the cheer stick?

"cheer stick, cheer stick, let the turtles rise."

Should cheerleaders be banned from professonal sports?

no not really because cheerleaders cheer for sport teams.

Do the spelman cheerleaders cheer for morehouse football team?

spelman cheerleaders cheer for spelman girls basketball games, to cheer for football games you would have to tryout throught morehouse, and you would also be considered a morehouse cheerleader.