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When the ball comes over your side, your team only has 3 hits to get it over. In those 3 hits, a person cannot hit the ball 2 times in a row. A player can bump the ball to the setter, then the setter sets the ball, and he/she can hit it again.

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Q: On volleyball how many hits per person?
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How many hits in volleyball do you get per possetion?

Only 3

How many hits are allowed per side during a volleyball game?

Only 3 hits are allowed in Volleyball before returning the ball back to the opponents' court.

How many strikes per side in a rally of volleyball is allowed?

there are no strikes in volleyball.

How many legal hits per person in volley ball?


How many people for volleyball can be on the court?

6 per team

How many volleyball scholarships are given per year?


How many time are there in volleyball?

There are two time outs per team per game per match.

How many players can play volleyball?

6 per team on court maximum

How many players per team in volleyball?

only 6 people on the court

How many subs per set are allowed in a match of volleyball?


How many players allowed on court in volleyball?

It depends if we are talking about Indoor Volleyball or Beach Volleyball. Indoor/ court Volleyball: 6 players each side Beach Volleyball: 2 players per team/ sode

How many players are there in each side in the game volleyball?

6 players per team