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Franco harris

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Q: Name of pro football player with half of a foot?
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In football Can a player be substituted at half time?

Yes a player can be substituted at half time, as the ball is not in play.

If a player in soccer is doing a throw-in and foot is half on line and half on field is that legal?

illegal. player must be completely off the playing field.

Who is the player with the club foot?

Tom Dempsey set nfl record with a 63 yard field goal with half a foot.

In ballet half circles made by the pointed foot?

name of ballet move half circles made by pointed foot creating letter d on floor

What is 500m?

A 500m is a little less than once around a football track half a foot ball track is 220m

What is the name of the person running with the football?

running back,half back,tail back,

Can a football player eat food during the 15munites break?

Yes any player can eat and drink during the half time break

Is it one-half foot or one-half feet?

Neither, it is pronounced half of a foot.

What does a football player do when he needs the loo in a middle of a match and cant wait till half time?

He stand still

How long is a half of a foot?

A half of one foot is six inches long.

How many inches one half equal to o1 half foot?

6 inches in one half foot.

Is a decimeter shorter than one half a foot?

A decimeter is most definitely shorter than half of a foot. A decimeter is .1 centimeter and there are 15.24 centimeters in 6 inches which is half of a foot.