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Yes any player can eat and drink during the half time break

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Q: Can a football player eat food during the 15munites break?
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When is the winter break in football?

There is no winter break in football.

What bone is easy to break during a football tackle?

The clavicle bone, also known as the collarbone, is one of the more commonly broken bones during a football tackle due to the impact force often directed to the shoulder area.

Which is the most expensive Tide commercial?

Tide commercials are very popular in the United States. The Superbowl held in 2013 showed a tide commercial featuring a stain on a football shirt which resembled the famous football player Joe Montana. Tide paid approximately $4 million dollars to show their commercial during the break.

What is the definition in football of breaking the plane?

When commentators and football fans say "breaking the plane" they're talking about the endzone. The first and foremost rule in scoring a touchdown is that the football must break the plane or cross into the endzone some kind of way for anyone to even think about it being a touchdown. If a team runs the ball, it wouldn't matter if the player got his whole body into the endzone. If the ball didn't break the plane as he went in it is not a touchdown. If the ball is passed and is caught by a player who is falling forward out of the endzone and he doesn't allow the ball to break the plane it is not a touchdown.

How do you break in a new leather football?

You play with it.

Does a football break during a flight?

Under normal flight circumstances this does not usually occur so you can bring a football in your checked baggage. However, if there is turbulence or the like where the aircraft experiences very great pressure changes then I am not sure.

How did Chris Tarrant break the players code of conduct in 2006?

Chris Tarrant is a retired Australian football player. In 2006, he was fined $5,000 for breaking the player's code of conduct when he and a teammate got into a fight in a nightclub.

How many minuets does a football team get a break?


When is half time break in football?

Can a football visor break?

Yes they can if they r abused

What does went into break mean football?

Went into the half.

What does FB stand for in football?

fb stands for fullback in football