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7. but the record is 431.

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Q: Most innings played in an olympic softball game?
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What is the main aim of softball?

The main of softball is to have the most number of runs at the end of the 7th innings

What were most innings played by orioles?


What was the most innings played in a game?


What state is softball mostly played?

Softball is commonly played in every US state. As for the most softball, some states have longer seasons due to weather and some states have more people to play . California probably has the most softball teams and plays the most games.

Who are of the famous softball players and what positions?

Jennie Finch is probably one of the most famous. She was the pitcher for the U.S.A. Olympic team.

When is a winner determined in softball?

Each game has a time limit. When the time limit ends, or when the game reaches a certain amount of innings (usually 7), whoever has the most runs will win.

Do more people like soccer or softball?

More people like soccer then softball because it is the most played sport in the world

Most sixes by a team in an ODI innings?

Most sixes by a team in an ODI innings?

What are the most innings played in a game 7 world series?

12 innings in Game 7 of the 1924 World Series between the Washington Senators and New York Giants played in Washington ... the Senators won 4-3.

What is The worlds most played olympic sport?


What was Most innings ever played by mets?

i think 24 against the astros and that's a record but im not sure

What is the most innings played by the Cubs?

The longest game in Chicago Cubs history was on May 17, 1927, when they beat the Boston Braves, 4-3, in 22 innings. That's 4 innings short of the longest game in MLB history, as of mid-July 2011.