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The main of softball is to have the most number of runs at the end of the 7th innings

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Q: What is the main aim of softball?
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Aim of softball?

You should always aim at the person chest when you are throwing. I play Fast pitch softball and i have been playing for 9 years and im 13 right now.

What is the uses of glove in softball?

The use of a softball glove is so it does not hurt your hand when someone throws it and it is also used for an aim so you do not have to aim with your hand. ( That would look silly.)

What was the main aim of the Treaty of Versailles?

The main aim of the treaty was to weaken Germany.

Why do softball players throw underhand?

its easier to grip, and aim the ball when you throw underhand

What training or education do you need for pro softball?

Aim for a bachelor's degree in fitness and health

What is the main aim of chipko moment?

The main aim of Chipko is to make the villagers better nursery management.

How do you be a good softball picture?

windmill pitch, aim for the umpire's head and it's spelled pitcher.

What was the main aim of Abraham Lincoln?

His main aim ws on d union & to stop slavery

What is the main aim of democracy?

The main aim of a democracy is to ensure that the people of country have the power to decide who should govern them.

What are the main softball rules?

There is softball for dummies. Just go to WALLMART or Office max and you'll find it!!

What muscle is used during softball?

Every Muscle is used in softball, but the main muscles are the ones on your arm for throwing and batting.

What is the best material for a softball bat?

Softball bats are normally made out of metal. Louisville slugger is the main company that makes softball bats. While they also make wood, metal is used in softball.

What is ballon rocket Aim?

The balloon rocket main aim is to test the force of gravity in the outer space. The main aim of the balloon rocket is to investigate all forces that affect the earth and the outer space.

What is the main difference between baseball and softball?

the thing about softball is that the ball thrown by the pitcher is different than baseball in baseball they trow it normal and in softball the pitcher trows it as a circular form, and baseball is played most by man and softball women.

What is the main aim in treating a fracture?

The main aim - is to immobilize the fracture site - and place the bones in the correct positions so that the break will heal properly.

What is the main aim of artificial intelligence in computing?

The main aim of Artificial Intelligence is to make computers do what they were not able to do earlier. They should feel the same as humans.

What was Bashir Al-Khayri's main aim?

Bashir Al-Khayri main aim in life was to lead people to Jesus Christ and tell them he was their saviour.

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The aim is the removal of artifacts in reconstructed images.

What is aim of production?

The main aim of prodution is profit as the manufacturing compnies just aims for profit.

What is Taiwan main sports?

basketball, baseball, soccer and softball

What main sports are in Alabama?

softball, basketball and sometimes football

How popular is softball in the us?

Softball is actually very popular in the US, but it is not one of the main sports people play like soccer or basketball.

What is ASDA's main aim?

Asda's Aim is to Set tasks, which then have to be completed by the staff (Employees) They main aim is to become the U.Ks number one best selling retailer. this is going to be achieved by satisfing the customers By Pingu

In softball how many steps can the pitcher take?

You can only take one step during a softball pitch. Most pitchers take a "leap" instead of a step to maximize the velocity of the ball. Pitchers aim for a 5 foot leap when they are pitching.

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The main aim of the constitutional convention was to create a document replacing the Articles of Confederation.