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Tackles are usually designated by which side of Center they are positioned; Left tackle or Right tackle. Split tackle is not a common term but could refer to the tackle on the side of the split end.

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Q: Is there such a position as split tackle in American football?
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What does a offensive line do?

If you mean in American Football the offensive line is the first front of blocking for the offense. They block the Defensive line/Line Backers. They're typically the bigger guys on the team (height and weight). The offensive line positions starting from left to right are; Left(split) Tackle/Left(split) Guard/Center/Tight(Right) Guard/Tight(Right) Tackle/ You can also have a Tight End depending on the offensive play called.

How many different division are there in the national football league?

The NFL is split in to 2 conferences - the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). These two conferences are then split into four divisions each, North, South, East, and West. So there is a NFC West, AFC West, NFC South, AFC South, and so on.

What is the meaning of to split the uprights?

"To split the uprights" refers to successfully kicking a field goal in American football by sending the ball between the two goalposts, which are referred to as the uprights. It is a common way to score points in the game.

What is the short-end position in football?

I've been following football for a long time and I've never heard of a short-end. I think you either made that up or misheard the term tight-end or split-end. A tight-end is usually a bigger, more physical type player who lines up close up to the tackle and does a little more run blocking and pass protection in addition to pass catching duties. A split-end is usually a faster, smaller type player who lines up a few steps to the outside of the tackle. Of course you may be referring to a strong-side vs weak-side player but that gets a little complicated. In that case, that player is actually a half-back because he will be lined up a step behind the line of scrimmage instead of on it.

What country is Hsdjuk Split a football team for?

Croatia is the Country that Hadjuk Split also known as just Hajduk. Hajduk is located in the city of Split since 1979. The Football Team, Hajduk was established in 1911.

What is the abbreviation for Receiver in football?

The abbreviation for a receiver in football is WR. The receiver position in football has undergone several changes since the forward pass became a legal play in gridiron football in April of 1906. You might find historical references to the older positions such as SE - Split End, FL - Flanker, and E - End.

Can there be a split national champion in college football in 2010?


What does the NFC stand for in football?

The NFL is split into two "groups" AFC (American football conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) the teams are split equally throughout the NFL. NFC vs AFC and NFL PRo Bowl Preview AFC vs NFC NFL Pro Bowl Two Division is together

How is football and soccer related?

They are related in the foundations of the two sports. American football is derived from the sport Rugby. Both Rugby and Soccer are related as there was a disagreement on the set of rules which was going to be created (around 1863). This led to a split in the original committee into the Football Assosiation (otherwise better known as FA) and the Rugby Football Union (known as RFU). Apart from the origins of the sports, they share few relations, the most prominent being the pitch.. The Pitch for soccer, American Football and Rugby are the same size.

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What was the First American football offensive formation?

While it cannot be said with 100% certainty that this was the first offensive formation, but the single wing formation is one of the earliest known offensive formations in football. It was originally developed by Glenn "Pop" Warner back in the early 1900's. It is the precursor of the modern day Spread Option offense. It was used as early as 1907, 13 years before the NFL was founded. The formation featured an strong side offensive line with four backs in the backfield. In football the traditional offensive line has a Tackle/Guard/Center/Guard/Tackle formation. In the Single Wing the line has a different set up. The line formation typically goes End/Guard/Center/Guard/Tackle/Tackle/End. In the backfield, you have 4 backs, the quarter back, who lines up behind the interior tackle on the strong side of the line, the full back, who lines up between the center/guard on the strong side one step behind the QB, the tailback, who lines up behind the center/guard on the weak side one step behind tailback, The split wing is positioned one step behind the line, just outside of the end on the strong side of the line.

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