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Voltage is the only metric that determines weather or not it will power your marker.

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Q: Is there a specific amperage a 9V battery needs to have in order to power an Invert Mini paintball marker?
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When was invert paintball formed?

Invert paintball is Kee Action paintball, which is Kee, Invert, and Empire. The Empire branch was formed in 2006, but Kee was formed in 1999. Don't forget to wear a mask!

Is an invert mini paintball gun or an empire axe paintball gun better?

depends on how you use it

Is invert mini paintball gun automatic?

The invert mini HAS an automatic mode, but is preset to semi-automatic.

Does Empire Paintball make Markers or just Gear?

No they do not. Invert i believe is a side project from Empire, and they make the Invert Mini

What types of barrels will fit the invert mini paintball gun?

Autococker threaded.

What paintball gun is better g4 or invert mini?

I would have to say invert mini.I have one and nit has a bps of 20 and works great.

Does bt4 paintball gun have the same threads as TM 15 paintball gun?

No. The Bt4 uses A5 threads, and the Tm 15 (a modified invert mini) uses Autococker threads.

Does the invert mini run out of battery and do I have to have a charger to charge my invert mini battery?

Yes it runs on batteries. It uses 9 volt batteries. You can use either disposable or rechargeable.

What caliber paintball does invert mini use?

my dad sells them for about $43 to $50. is that what you wanted?

Does the invert mini need batteries?

yes the invert mini takes 1 9v battery. it is in the grip frame. you should get a 9v with the gun/

Does a invert mini need a battery to shoot?

Yes, without a battery, the electric bolt will not cycle and the gun will not fire.

What is the most recognized speedball paintball gun?

Smart Parts Ion, Dangerous Powers G3, proto Slg, and Invert Mini, are the most common speed ball guns.