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Yes,there is ICC world cup for t20 format.It is played every two years.

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it is both odi and T20

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Q: Is the world cup cricket odi or t20?
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Who was the captain of the Indian team in Cricket World Cup -2007?

Rahul Dravid was the captain of Indian Cricket team in 2007 ODI Cricket World Cup. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the captain of Indian Cricket team in 2007 T20 Cricket World Cup.

When India won the first ODI Cricket Match?

1983 in England and 2007 when they won the first ever T20 World cup

Who won the under19 cricket world cup 2012?

The winners of the 2011 ICC ODI Cricket World Cup was INDIA .

Is cricket test world cup starts on2013?

Nope. Its going to start from 2017. It was supposed to start in 2013 but espn, who holds the rights for icc tournaments till 2015 world cup, refused to agree. Hence we will have one more champions trophy in 2013. Here is the Icc schedule 2011 ODI world cup - India, Srilanka, bangladesh 2012 T20 world cup - Srilanka 2013 Champions Trophy - England 2014 T20 world cup - Bangladesh 2015 ODI world cup - Australia/ Newzealand 2016 T20 world cup - India 2017 ICC test championship - ?? 2018 T20 world cup - ?? 2019 ODI world cup - England

What trophy did the Pakistan cricket team win in 2009?

ICC T20 world cup Pakistsn won T20 world cup

Who is Brendan McCullum?

He is a New Zealand International cricket player who opens the batting in both T20 and ODI's. He also is the keeper in tests and ODI's and T20.

Who are win the world cup 2010 t20 cricket?


How many century on t20 cricket world cup?


Where play cricket worldcup t20 2011and which month?

There is no t20 world cup in 2011, it is in 2012.

Who won the 2010 ICC cricket world T20 championship?

England won the 2010 T20 world cup.

What is the name of long captain in T20 cricket world cup?


What country is holding cricket world cup 2010?

england t20