Who won the 2010 ICC cricket world T20 championship?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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England won the 2010 T20 world cup.

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Q: Who won the 2010 ICC cricket world T20 championship?
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What is the duration of ICC Cricket World?

The duration of ICC Cricket World is 1440.0 seconds.

Which team won the 2010 ICC womens 20 20 world cup?

Australia won the 2010 ICC Women's Twenty20 World Cup, it was their first championship.

When will 2010 ICC World Twenty20 be held in Jamaica?

The 2010 ICC World Twenty20 is an international cricket tournament which will beheld in the West Indies between 30 April to 16 May 2010

When was ICC World Test Championship created?

ICC World Test Championship was created in 2017.

Who is the winner of the ICC cricket world cup?

Australia were the winners of ICC cricket World Cup 2015.

How does this seasons British cricket teams compare to India?

According to the ICC rankings, England is ahead of India in the ICC Test Championship with a rating of 114 to India's 112. In both the ICC ODI Championship and ICC Twenty20 Championship, India is ahead of of the British cricket team with a rating of 119 in each championship. England is slightly behind with 117 in the ODI and 118 in the Twenty20.

Who are administrators of 2011 ICC cricket world cup?

International Cricket Council - ICC

Which edition of icc cricket world cup was held in 2011?

It was the tenth edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Was icc cricket hosted in 2010?

ICC t20 world cup was held in west indies in the year 2010 and it was won by the england cricket team under the captaincy of paul collingwood by defeating the australian cricket team in the final and winnig the 3rd edition of the cup

Which country won 2010 cricket world cup?

England won the icc t20 world cup in 2010 defeating australia in final

What are the 2 main events for cricket?

I think they are the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy

When is icc World Cup cricket 2012?

There is no icc world cup cricket because it only comes once in 3 years.